Here you can find some useful links:

B-Zero Racing is a new racing class in Scandinavia for standard Citroën C1, Toyota Aygo and Peugeot 107.
B-Zero Racing is based on the Brittish racing series of C1. We use basicly the same rules and have a close connection to them.
If you want to combine your racing with some holliday, please check out what to do in the area. You will find plenty of fishing and other interesting things. 
Amigo Motorsport is our partner in UK.
The official website of the race track Drive Center Arena in Fällfors.
Nordic Frames will make the live TV-coverage during the 24-hour race.
SDC 5000 will run a support race this weekend. Thay are a local endurance racing class från Skellefteå.
Race4Fun will be our partner in the organisation of the race. They run there own racingseries and they are very professional.
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